Pros and Cons of A Pillow


It is not so easy to start with the advantages and disadvantages of a pillow. It is generally said that it is important for the ergonomics of the spine and for a comfortable sleeping position to sleep with a pillow. You need pillows. But in order to work out the advantages and disadvantages of a pillow, differences have to be made again.

Usefulness of a firm pillow

Firm pillows are filled with the feathers of birds’ undergarments, mainly ducks or geese. They are very soft and fluffy and have no keel like feathers do. Goose down, compared to duck down, is not only much bigger, it also has a thicker and therefore richer fluff, which makes the goose down cushion even fluffier and softer. A down pillow is held in the hand when the filling contains 60% or more down.

The advantage of such a cushion is obvious: they are very soft and, in addition, ergonomically adaptable, elastic and cuddly. Because the down lacks the keel. Down cushions are also very light. Another advantage is that down cushions have their own good microclimate. They absorb moisture and sweat and then release it back outwards. In winter, down cushions provide an excellent source of heat. In addition, they insulate against the cold and thus offer additional protection.

However, those who tend to sweat should not fall back onĀ  firm pillows. This would only increase the sweating and the down cushion would also reach its limits and capacities to absorb all the welding fluid. Down cushions also often lack their supporting properties. The springs with the keel provide support and tension.

However, these are missing in down, so that head and neck are less supported and protected. If you like to bed your head firm and high at night, you should pay attention to a sufficient amount of feathers in your pillow. Only those who like it fluffy and like to sink into their pillow have grabbed the right down pillow. The fact that down can be crumpled together so beautifully also has a somewhat disadvantageous effect.
But they also like to stay in this position for quite some time. To return to the original pillow formation, the down pillow must be shaken out vigorously and vigorously. Allergy sufferers can also have difficulties with too many down in their pillows. Down pillows also like house dust mites and they can reach the lungs of allergy sufferers while they sleep.